Symbols of Spring

I decorate eggs and enjoy all the symbols of spring. But in truth, Easter is not about bunnies and eggs. They are cute and I love their symbolism, but the life of Jesus was not cute. Jesus’s life was represented by suffering and sacrifice. Jesus came to sacrifice His life and destroy the works of Satan. 

Jesus defeated Satan for you and me, but on this earth, we still battle evil. For those of us who place our faith in Jesus we will one day enter our reward and no longer face the trials of this world. Jesus defeated sin and death when He died and then arose and did that for us so that we too have victory over sin and death. Just for a little while more will see heartache and pain and deal with sin. For eternity we will be restored into the image we were created in- in the image of God, in His likeness- righteousness, goodness, joy, peace, love and faith. We see glimpses of this now, but one day everyday will be perfect and full of the best life imaginable! 

Life here on earth is hard. We see evil and selfishness everywhere. No one can seriously say, and expect me to believe, there is no evil or devil. The Bible has references throughout, and we personally see evil all the time in the world. Furthermore, we all have a propensity to sin. And that’s why Jesus came to save us. Those who turn to Jesus are saved. I hope you who are reading this have turned to Jesus, placed your faith in Him, asked for forgiveness and now trust Him for the rest of your life. I pray you look to Jesus, believing that He will help you every day be filled with His spirit and live a life trusting Him. Satan came to steal that destiny. He came to steal the beautiful life and destiny of mankind. You can place your faith in Jesus Christ, or you can continue to allow Satan to do what he came to do- destroy your life.  

This Easter let us follow Jesus anew and remember the meaning of these symbols of spring. Let us place our trust in Jesus- the one who defeated sin and death and promises that all things work for the good even though for the time being life is hard. Jesus triumphed over the grave. Jesus took the punishment of the sin and evil of humankind, and of each of us personally. But then He resurrected! He came back to life and is still alive! You will, too, will defeat death- if you place your trust in Him. 

When we celebrate Easter- when we decorate eggs and have the symbols of spring all around us- remember what those symbols mean- the new life that Jesus Christ gives. Happy Easter, friends! 


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